"Hi there, I just wanted to email you to say thanks for my necklace, as a birthday present I didn't know what quite to expect, BUT, it is much better than I ever anticipated and have received several comments on it (even the first hour I had it on!) I am so pleased to have this 'everlasting' print of my baby boys finger and wearing it so close to my heart! I have passed your details onto several friends, who I hope get in touch to get their very own special casting made too. Many many thanks to you again, and I will definitely be using you again for any other children we have."
Kirsty Morns, Dorset
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Choosing A Frame

To help you decide which frame colour and paint combination to choose you can ask yourself a few questions, such as:

  • Where will I hang my frame - do I need to match it to the decor of an existing room?
  • Do I want to include a landscape or portrait photo in the frame?
  • How many 3D hand and foot casts/clay impressions do I want - 1, 2 or 4?
  • What combination of hands and feet do I want?
  • What size frame do I want?
  • What colour should the frame rim be?
  • What colour should the casts/impressions be?
  • What colour should the front and back mounts be?
  • Do I want an engraved name-plate with my child's name and age? Which colour? Which font?
Comparison of frame styles
Classic Luxury Hardwood Contemporary Luxury Vintage
or Deep With Pine Box
  • Softwood
  • Single-piece moulding
  • Traditional front mount
  • 3.5cm internal depth
  • 5 colours
  • Suits: Casts 0-1 year, flat hands (0-adult) and clay impressions
  • Most likely to match purchases before July 2014
  • Luxury hardwood
  • Single-piece heavy moulding with curved inner edge
  • Traditional front mount
  • 5cm internal depth
  • 6 colours including silver
  • Suits: All casts (0-adult)
  • Introduced November 2015
  • Softwood
  • Single-piece moulding (same as Classic)
  • Side fillets to hold glass (no front mount)
  • Wider display area than Classic
  • 3.5cm internal depth
  • 5 colours
  • Suits: Casts 0-1 year, flat hands (0-adult), clay impressions and 2D outprints
  • Softwood or composite
  • Two-piece construction: flat front moulding with pine box on back
  • Traditional front mount
  • Larger sizes available
  • 5cm internal depth
  • 6 styles
  • Suits: All casts (0-adult)
  • Deep With Pine Box Introduced July 2014
  • Luxury Vintage introduced Oct 2016
Frame, mount and paint options
Box frame sizes and orientations