"Hi Tamera, Just wanted to say how thrilled I am with the chunky glass frame you promptly delivered! The print looks amazing, very professional, and was securely packaged. You were a pleasure to deal with and nice to get some 'good old fashioned' customer service with emails every step of the way rather than being in the dark like with most online retailers. I will definitely be recommending you and I'm sure many friends and family will be asking where we had such a lovely keepsake made. I know my wife will be delighted to have such a lasting memory of our daughter's early days."
Ross Jefferies, Staffordshire
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Baby Casting FAQs

Please feel free to contact us if your questions are not answered below.


Q. Is the impression powder safe for my baby's skin?

A. The impression powder is non-toxic and biodegradeable, so is totally safe to use on the skin. It's more common use is in dentistry and it has been thoroughly tested by this industry. It has been used for life-casting for decades. We have all the relevant health and safety data available on request.


Q. My mould sets too quickly!

A. The time taken for the mould to set varies with temperature of the air and the water as well as the amount of water added. To extend the moulding time you can add a little more water. Also, the colder the water the more time you get before the mould sets.


Q. I get bubbles in the toes and lose them!

A. To avoid bubbles tap the mould on a hard surface to knock them out of the casting mix before it sets. You can also help release bubbles by gently wiggling the bristle end of the paintbrush inside the mould right in the toes but take care not to do any damage! This problem is particularly bad if you are trying to cast baby hands. You need to give the filled mould a good shake with your hand sealing the open top to try and release as many bubbles caught in the fingers as possible.


Q. Can you reuse the mould?

A. Unfortunately, no. Once the plaster has set, the mould is carefully peeled away in sections from the plaster cast so it is not possible to re-use it. This means that each cast will be completely unique.


Q. What finishes are the baby casting box frames available in?

A. The box frames are professionally hand-made and assembled by us. We have a huge range to choose from in many colours, sizes, depths and styles. The can be used for many other purposes too for framing baby's first shoes, collages, kids' artwork, medals, flowers, Scrabble pictures, butterflies and many other craft projects.


Q. What happens at a baby casting appointment?

A. Professional baby casting appointments are available Wed, Thu, Fri and Sun and can be planned to suit your baby's routine. Baby hands and feet are cast in plaster then painted in classic white or metallic bronze, silver or gold paint.
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